Monday, June 29, 2009

Starting with the kitchen sink...

After an hour's trouble with getting Maya to work in the lab (I needed to delete and have maya remake my default projects folder and the Library stuff) I made a little sink. 160 some tris, 20 min of work, no reference photos, no skin yet... but it's an ice breaker away from the summer time goof off haze that has gripped me. Now if I can just go to the lab instead of napping/gaming all afternoon every day...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Creepy Med ward ref pics

These are reference photos from the internet of hospital settings and creepyness. This last one is for a possible visual effect of a drug the hero is forced to take that makes everything look cel shaded or cartooney and bright.

Psyc Ward Game

I forgot what the exact working title of the game is, but it is a 3d puzzle/adventure/shoot down the bastards who killed your family and erased your memory as soon as you find them game.
Kyle Umbenhower has been heading the project in his 'copious' spare time for a little over a year now. For one-man or volunteer work they're come along the road a fair bit, and 4 publishers have expressed interest in a demo run/reel thing.
Kyle's letting me come play.
My first projects are:
  • Model props for some of the Psyc ward rooms (then figure out how to import them...) meaning sinks computers phones office stuff. Very low poly.
  • Concept sketch out then model props and furniture for the Med ward section
  • Dive into the AI they've scraped together from the Internet and figure out how it ticks.
  • Change the AI so it can be either 'NPC' or 'Nice guy in lab coat yelling at you and firing an AK until you get back into your room.'
  • Bug Kyle to set out a clear concept for the demo, then list out what needs to be done to get it off the ground, then get 'er DONE; thus increasing the chances of funding for the project and maybe me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Vague goals list for summer

My to do list for this summer will be vague enough to enjoy some time off before knuckling down full time on Grad level classes next term.
By end of this month, finish the tutorial book.
By end of summer (september), finish pre-work on Puppy.

On the side I'll be working with Kyle and others on the Sanitorium game. I don't know how much or when, but I'll add hours to the schedule for it.

Oh yeah, schedule.
Not counting my during-help-desk work sessions, I plan to Art lab from 2-5 pm two days a week, and game lab the other two days, and friday off for Crysis, or finally finishing Gears of war.
If I hold myself to that, I'll expand the hours, or get another paying job (that'd be nice, money wise) or something.

Non work or project summer stuff: read books I haven't read before. Journal. Hike. Explore on foot or bike. Find new house or new roommate for old house before the Middle of July. (anyone looking for a room? $350/month including bills, w/d, house with back deck and pond, secure wireless, gamer friendly etc...)