Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Photo website

I finally figure out how to get around the mean mac server not letting me log in: I posted the photo website on my student account of sou.edu, here.

This series of photos is from SOU theatre's production of Romeo and Juliet; which I designed the lights for.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

woo scratching is still fun

Recently I've been trying to get back to shape - that very first drawing assignment in Cody's class "What is the negative space of an object?" This would be cheating, as it is filled in instead of negative spaced, and was formed by outlining, but hey you can't draw with the side of your charcoal in photoshop.
Looking at this now that it's posted, I see much more depth than at first intended or thought out.
I would call this an abstract of rock and roll, as I witnessed during a summer working as a stagehand working in jacksonville's britt festival, setting up and spotlighting many bands and artists who fit the 'has been' catagory but still draw a large crowd of people Mile's age who like to sit on a lawn and drink wine with their rock and roll. Ok not really but both things do happen, just usually not at the same time. And I don't think you're old Miles, just older than me :)
So. Rock and roll bands of today that were big 2 decades ago. What preformance elements work well for them? Big and Loud come to mind: hence the huge mouth. Wild, non-conformist styles: hence the green and strange growth of hair. Props (walls of amplifiers, anyone?): the bone handled mic (kinda).
The flames also began as scribbles, but became an added spectacle (read: ooh, ahh, shiny) part of the rock and roll experience. We never had pyrotechnics at the Britt, but we did have a confetti cannon or two.
I notice the lowest level of flames is so non-spiky that it kinda looks like a crowd.
Finaly, the orientation of the figure: one of the biggest things is for the star to jump off of something (amplifier, piano)... the crowds love it, at least the first 10 times. So wild crazy jumping is a plus and represented here.

What can I do better, take further? Well, all of it. Try having a real human screaming into the mic, or just a huge head. The 'environment' could go further, actually have more than a huge speaker to suggest this is a stage. more detail is my primary direction it seems.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Contents layout project

Here it is, such as it goes.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Woah, I'm actually doing an image analysis

Ok, starting off with just looking at this image. Fuzzy purple figure with briefcase takes the focus, though the lack of details makes my eye want to go to the somewhat clear far away figure getting off the escalator. Fore ground dark figure really blurry. Point of view is really low, like the audience is a cockroach in this sparse clean world. Very bright contrast, Dennis would shake his head at the lack of range in levels. Only the purple other than a gray scale.

OK, what works and what doesn't. This is from a website of a UK design firm or something called 'nutcracker design.' The purple fits the rest of the current page, if one is going for boldness and not easy on the eyes. I can't decide if 'you' are supposed to be the purple figure or the one getting off the up escalator: the purple guy is kinda walking on screen from the application links, is in distinct (could be anyone), and has a bright shiny briefcase. However, he also doesn't have a face, and escalator guy does have a face and some definition. Also esca-boy is at the focus of lines from his coworker's heads and feet, and the columns also point there. I suppose purple boy fits the rule of thirds a bit more.

Overall, I don't really like this image. It conveys energetic motion but with so much non-clarity... but hey, they are a design company, hiring other designers ( I assume) so I don't fit as the target audience.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Movie Posters

I liked this assignment. Finding out how far to take things in crazyness, futzing with text, keeping it simple.