Sunday, December 14, 2008

Plague and Pink eye can cause Lack of Final...

Well. Dead week Wednesday morning at about 3 am I wake with a rather extreme fever; the kind when you cannot be warm enough and your toes feel frost-bite cold and your shivering and freezing and hallucinating out of your skull. And your themometer says 101.6

Later that week, around Friday, you get Pink eye too 'as sometimes accompanies viral infections.' Your fever went away but your throat hurts like hell and you're too weak to do more than make a snack and eat some of it (and take lots of drugs and herbs and such) before going back to bed.

But what of the DMF final? You were making good strides on Monday and Tuesday... Now you've called in sick for your Lab Aide times and are about to miss the deadline. Well, you reason (in a plagued haze), I can finish it up next week.

Oh wait, the mac labs are CLOSED finals week... and your contagion-ness doesn't go down to reasonable levels until Thursday of finals week anyway...

So thus I missed the lab time to finish my final. I could have done more to avoid this situation but I didn't realize until late in the game that the mac labs are closed.

My plan is to finish up early next term before my other classes get going too heavily, so I can deal with a low grade now, or even an "I" I suppose...

I hate whatever kind of plague I got, as it insists on lingering like smoke in the kitchen, not truly dangerous but irritating, annoying, and painful. And embarrassing, causing to miss all the nice post finals social gatherings.