Monday, September 29, 2008

Jelly in Jail

I'll pretend there was a lot of though and effort in this and call it a "study" in lines, squiggles, and of course the colors. and texturing with the eraser.

Playing with Photoshop to create goofy shapes and solid colors reminded me most of all of being a kid with crayons. It was mentioned in class how kids are not afraid of attempting to draw anything within some reason.
This kid giving his all kicking this huge soccer ball took me back to those happy days when I could run forever and my goal in life was to Kick The Ball Hard. Also I could see some inspiriation; the kid's taking on a challenge that he may or may not really over come, but he doesn't care how he looks like everyone does
and looks awesome doing so...
And yes, this is completely a Dennis style cheating drawing; but I like it so much I'm posting it anyway so take that Miles!

Good Quote

"We only have a small spark of Madness, we musn't lose it" - Robin Williams"