Saturday, November 21, 2009

A model is never done

a few comments/critiques from Tisha
  • Back legs not looking legish
  • Face and nose more work
  • toes good, good definition
  • forehead add brow buldge?
  • squareish body; back probably ok but tummy and sides needing help
  • too high poly
  • snout too square,
  • build up chin more.

Bolt ears; actually convex things, with fat part toward center and skinny flap towards edge.

Friday, November 20, 2009

TO do list for T break

  1. (assuming laptop maya works as well as desktop) Setup kitchen. Keep far wall to 4 pics at this point, can always go more in version 2.
  2. Sys paper; the 10 page one I haven't really started yet.
  3. Join CG Society and post puppy project in the WIP section. Ask for comments.
  4. Join Digital Tutors... maybe. 6 month or so I think. FOCUS.
  5. Other homework (Sec, indie study, ect).
  6. Draw
  7. Enjoy family time.
  8. PSU?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to the Sketchbook

Next week I'll be in portland with the family. This is good and important, but cuts off from the desktop and Maya.
I loaded Maya onto the new laptop, but the laptop doesn't have the horses to do work on Gizmo. But it can be used to block out and develop the Scenery (kitchen, maybe the cake).

So here's a rough sketch and initial color palet attempt.

not sure what color to do the fridge. The blue isn't working too well, but it should be more interesting than cream...
I'll do some image research I guess.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Though I walk through the Valley

Of the shadow of Time and sleep sucking theatre, I will fear no Freaking Annoying UV debacles; for UV Smooth is with me, and though it cause my CPU great distress, I shall see the light of the end of the Mapping process.
Use 'Edit UVs -> smooth' not the little tool in the UV editor window. Remember the anchor points.
Here's my first shot at painting this guy.

Exporting some how added a lot of other things; maybe my nodes are being messed up. THis was a proof of concept anyway.

Now to see if I can apply my Theatre Tech weekend focus and endurance upon the puppy, so it may be presentable at the end of the term