Monday, January 25, 2010

Evolving and learning

Evolution involves screwing up. So does life. I'm a little grumpy that my Gizmo model can't deform (or I just can't get it to deform) as I want it to; the front legs are positioned wrong and the front feet can't rotate around far enough to grip the fridge door top.
So I need to go back and re-work the model. Do the feet at a real neutral pose, not just standing. And figure out how to do this version 1 movie without fur; as much re-working as I'm doing I don't feel like adding the fur to the mix; it can wait till version 2.
Anyway, there it is, time to accept, go back, make it better.
The rigging has been tough; the books say 'think about what you want you rig to do' but until you've gone through with it once or twice, you don't know if you need the spine to be able to stretch. And they don't talk about assigning the skin to the bones, as if it's a snap. Maybe it is and I'm missing it; that'd be cool when I eventually figure it out. The first stab at rigging this one has made me learn a lot, maybe enough to go back to the book and gleam more understanding.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Crawling along

Bit by bit he's getting there (excuse excuse excuse).
Seeing Gizmo in the kitchen, looking forlornly up at the spot the cake will occupy makes me smile.
Yes he's currently floating; I've been doing test rigs but have not yet completed one I feel like posting a pose from.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Gizmo visits the Kitchen for the first time

Here is the Kitchen with Gizmo standing at the fridge. I remembered that checking the scale of the puppy at this point may be easier than after I finish up all the rigging.
On the other hand, the kitchen is NOT very complex compared to Gizmo, so maybe I should keep the rigging I've started and re scale the kitchen later if need be.