Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not yet the Kitchen Sink

Here is version 1 of the kitchen. Minus a real fridge with a freezer that opens and stuff that will fall out, (maybe).
And minus a cake.
So where am I on this project?
The puppy Gizmo has, in draft form, a body, a UV map, and a basic skin. A skeleton was made. It maybe crappy... and it hasn't been assigned to the skin. Not that the skin's final, but I haven't done this skin assignment in more than the brief tube with 3 joints tutorial. we'll see....
There's a basic kitchen.
None of it has been put together, which usually takes lots of work. I think.

SO what I'm going to scramble for:
  • (While learn facial rigging for idiots from the book)
  • do an hour's more touch ups on the gizmo mesh
  • import the old skeleton to the new Gizmo body mesh
  • Assign skin to skeleton
  • Try out that rig
  • Try rigging the face
  • If the body and face react to the rig well enough for my purposes,
  • Skin it, not detailed
  • ship it to the kitchen.
  • try to have a basic opening shot or something, have one bit of animation and camera work done.
I'll be happy with a dog done and just scenery left, as that has required very little learning so far... but we'll see. Other than a 10 page paper in one class and the final in the other this is the only thing left. And this is what will get me a job someday, not systems analysis or security. Hmm....

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